Differences in Paint Finishes

When selected an automotive paint finish, it’s important to know the difference in quality.  Here is a quick summary of the three primary types of finishes:

OEM Finishes:

OEM Finish

We offer a wide range of undercoats, base coats, clears and single stage finishes. Through a wide array of colors and effects, DuPont offers innovative tools, technologies and services for automotive coatings—all backed by DuPont science.
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Industrial Finishes:

DuPont Industrial CoatingWe carry DuPont Industrial Coatings, a premium, proven line of polyurethane, epoxies and alkyds. Designed for use for a wide array of industrial, commercial and institutional facilities and equipment, these easy to apply products can be used in tough environments and on difficult surface conditions. DuPont Industrial Coatings are available in convenient factory packaged colors or can be mixed to match any solid color.
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Custom Finishes:

Custom FinishWe provide a complete system of custom finishing products that includes special two- and three-stage basecoat colors, easy-to-use clearcoats that provide outstanding appearance, and undercoats that make vehicle preparation easy as can be. These products unleash the hottest, most vivid colors and special effect finishes, so you’re sure to find one – or two, or three – to reflect the way you feel about your vehicle.
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