Chiropractor discussing spinal injury treatments with patient

5 Imporant Factors When Considering a Chiropractor

Finding a chiropractor is not an easy process.  There are often many choices and many times they use language that may be foreign to you.  Here are 5 key tips you can use to help find the right person for your particular needs.

1. Do you want to go to a chiropractor exclusively for for health and wellness, or for treatment?

Back Pain ReliefOne of the first distinctions you may hear when looking for a doctor of chiropractic (DC) is that there are holistic and mechanistic chiropractors.  Don’t let these big buzz words confuse you.  There are lots of internal struggles within the chiropractic community about the strengths and benefits of one type or another. If you are going primarily for health and wellness, you want to search for a holistic chiropractor. If you are looking for treatment for a specific injury, you will want to look for a mechanistic chiropractor.  Although, in reality, most chiropractors do both — just they specialize in one type over another.

2. Does you want long-term treatment or can have your situation resolved so you can move on?

Chiropractors, with various amounts of of scientific proof, advertise chiropractic as a viable option to to conventional health-care. They see chiropractic as an effort to to foster the wellness of your nervous-system through chiropractic changes, which permits the human anatomy to operate at optimum performance. Patients and their doctors around the world will agree that their health is improved and they are less prone to injury once they have begun a chiropractic course of treatment. Regular visits to a chiropractor have been known to help people deal with everything from allergies to headaches.  In fact, most people who want to avoid taking prescription medication will turn to chiropractic treatment instead.

On the on the other hand, some chiropractors will work then rehabilitate the joint and soft-tissue. After that, they will want to release you from treatment.

One key distinction between mechanistic and holistic chiropractors is that holistic chiropractors will continue to treat the patient past any scientific limitations the mechanistic chiropractor will impose so it really comes down to what style you are most comfortable with.

3. Are you currently dysfunctional or injured? In other words, have you experienced a sudden onset of pain or has it been building for something over time because of some repeated action you keep taking?

Sudden pain typically signifies an injury has occurred. Sometimes it’s a sports injury, or perhaps a slip or fall or a car accident. Many chiropractors that are holistic are susceptible to viewing the backbone in terms of subluxations and might consequently miss out the the delicate indications of a more severe injury that needs the knowledge of a specialty doctor like a neurologist or an orthopedist. A mechanistic chiropractor might be a safer wager when an agonizing and painful injury is involved.

4. What expert associations serve the profession, and how can this assist you get the DC that is correct?

There are two huge nationwide businesses that represent chiropractors: the International Chiropractic Association (ICA) as well as the American Chiropractic Association (ACA). The ACA is more mechanistic while the ICA is more holistic. State associations are different and it’s not easy to determine much about a chiropractor based on his state association membership. Don’t read too much into this membership, though.  It’s just a useful piece of information to see which way your chiropractor is trained.

5. What about their website? Reviews? Testimonials? Are word of mouth referrals important?

One thing you will learn if you look long enough is that there are a handful of web development companies who churn out the same basic website for every chiropractor they can find to buy their services.  Don’t put a lot of stock in a DC’s website if it looks like every other DC’s website you’ve found. If, however, they are putting up personal content on a regular basis then that is a DC you probably should look more closely at.

Online reviews are typically filled out by patients who want to complain.  Rarely do you find raving reviews by happy patients and if you do, they were usually solicited by some marketing company for their feedback.  Same goes for testimonials.  I’ve rarely found a chiropractor that openly requested testimonials that were both positive and negative.

The best advertising you can hope for is word of mouth advertising.  Ask your friends and people you know who have gone to a chiropractor what they thought.  If they liked him or her, I would pay attention to that.

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